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First Anniversary - The Galerie's Paper Gift Guide

Our round-up of our 10 Gift Ideas between $1 and $100 to help you celebrate your first year together as Mr. & Mrs.

pc Becky Willard Photography
pc Becky Willard Photography
$1 to $15

#1 - A container filled with folded handwritten notes, compliments, or happy memories for your spouse to open throughout the next year. ($1)

#2 - The Story of My Life is a self-guided journal to embark on to create an autobiography filled with reflections and the winding roads of your life- how you have changed, loved, and grown into the person they love so much. ($10)

#3 - Custom Wrapping Paper - to give little "just thinking of you" gifts something exta special throughout the year, create your own design and upload it to VistaPrint for a custom paper! ($15)

$20 to $40

#4 - Date Night Scratch Off Adventure Set - 35 date night ideas and adventures! ($20)

#5 - A beautifully bound notebook. We love the super whimsical Fairy Tale style. Bonus if you fill several pages with handwritten notes or favorite memories from the past year. ($30) Or the ultra-classic Monogram ($55) leather-bound notebook from Papier. Bonus! Fill several pages with handwritten notes or favorite memories from the past year.

#6 - Set of custom playing cards for cozy game nights. Here is a set for $31! ($30)

$50 to $100

#7 - Custom Comic Book! With optional upgrades like additional pages, additional illustrations, and a hard-back cover that is worthy of the coffee table and printed by the publisher the price ranges from $30 for a digital-only version to $99 for an upgraded hard-back copy!

#8 - If you want something out of the ordinary that doubles as a conservation effort you can give the gift of becoming a Lord or Lady in Scotland for about $50 US dollars!

#9 - You can never go wrong with classic stationery. PaperSource has tons of options online for personalized stationery and cards and they are open late during the week in case you want to actually feel the difference in paper weight and texture. We love their custom embosser to upgrade things like thank-you notes and holiday cards! ($60 for a set)

#10 - A custom watercolor inspired by your favorite wedding or family photos from the past year. Here is an option on Etsy for under $100!


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