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Let's Celebrate

Sharing Joy + Wedding Inspiration Every Chance We Get

We love sharing our story here at The Galerie - and we love sharing yours too. 

Please consider writing a review of your experience here in Versailles.  Sharing your story with us not only helps new couples decide if The Galerie might be a good fit for their day, but also keeps the hearts of our team full knowing they helped to create their best day ever for our couples, their families, and friends! 


Our Story

In 2018 our Founders had a vision of this historic property and got to work creating The Galerie. A space that was full of classic elegance that kept families coming to this special place to make memories. In 2022 we celebrate the Centennial here at 134 Court Street - thank you. for being part of our history.


Cheers to 100 more years of celebrations here on Court Street!

The best is yet to come

Share Your Story with Us!

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