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The Galerie Wedding: Kate + John's Fall Wedding

Kate and John - thank you for sharing your story with us, visiting over a cocktail during a Versailles Block Party, and for letting us be a part of your big day. Cheers to you both and wishing you so much happiness here in your new home here in Woodford County!

Kate helped us kick off our Century of Celebrations and shared why The Galerie is special to the Chiavarinis.

Touring The Galerie gave me my dream venue, my dream home and dream town! Thank you Galerie!

We got engaged in October 2018 and I was not going to start planning until January, but my best friend's husband had been working on The Galerie and said Kate you have to go look at this venue it’s totally you!

The Galerie was the first venue I looked at and I fell ok love from the minute I walked in! The gorgeous chandeliers took my breath away and then the bridal suite sealed the deal. I knew it was my dream venue, but everyone said go look at other places just to make sure!

Every venue I went to after was nothing compared to The Galerie. Once we booked The Galerie we started coming to Versailles more and more for wedding meetings. I not only fell in love with The Galerie, but I fell in love with Versailles! Covid happened and we have to postpone the wedding, but we ended up buying a house and moving the Versailles.

The Galerie I Versailles Historic Venue I #thegalerieky #centuryofcelebrations

photos: The Malicotes


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