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Behind the Veil with Jessica Kite: Saying "I Do" in the Age of Coronavirus

By Spectrum News Staff Kentucky

Saying "I Do" in the Age of Coronavirus PUBLISHED 10:00 AM ET Aug. 02, 2020 VERSAILLES, Ky. — The pandemic has changed almost every aspect of once everyday events, and weddings are no exception. A historic wedding venue in down Versailles is feeling the impact.

"I think there's not been a community or industry that hasn't been impacted by COVID-19, and I think the live event industry in particular has been hit really hard," said Jessica Kite, owner of The Galerie, the former Versailles United Methodist Church turned wedding venue. The Galerie used to be the Versailles United Methodist Church.

Kite, whose own wedding was The Galerie's inaugural event, had hoped to share the venue with other couples looking to tie the knot.

"Brides and grooms and couples are having to reduce their guest counts from what they originally expected to fit with the new capacities within their venues. So, what we're seeing a lot of couples do is reduce to that capacity," said Kite. "If they're not comfortable doing that, they're going on and having maybe a small private ceremony and then rescheduling their reception for a later date."

As brides and grooms plan their weddings, they're forced to make new considerations. "One of the biggest challenges is that every day there's a new challenge and a new change. One of the things I've been recommending to our couples is to work with a professional planner," said Kite. "They are going to be tapped into industry resources. They're going to know best practices. They are going to be working with other reputable vendors who are following safety guidelines, who are following recommendations."

For Kite, it's about being able to safely deliver the best day ever for couples.

"What drives us every day is to be able to deliver that amazing experience to all of the couples that want to celebrate here at The Galerie," said Kite.


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