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Behind the Veil with Jessica Kite.

Hi Wedding Warriors and for today’s #fridayintroductions - it's Jessica Kite here!

Each week I mean to pop up a post to introduce myself, then before I know it #fridayintroductions are over, and around here, Saturdays are for brides!!

But before I get started, it wouldn’t be #internationalwomensday if I didn’t take time to recognize all of the amazing women I have on my team here at The Galerie.

Sammy, Adrienne, Susan, Kelsey, Sommer, Jennifer, Lindsay, Kenzie, Intern Abby!

Each of you exemplify a passion for life, a kind heart for service, and dedication to professionalism. So proud to have you in our #galeriebridetribe!! 🙌🏼

Jessica Kite. Wearer of many hats.

Co-founder, business owner, catalyst, creative director - wife & dog mom.

I absolutely love the wedding and events industry. We have the privilege to be part of the most significant and joyful days in our clients’ lives, what an absolute honor that is.

My passion is to bring an unparalleled experience to every couple that comes to visit us on Court Street. We are a family here at The Galerie and hope to become part of yours.

My husband Jordan and I created this space for our own wedding October 2018. We were the first couple married here at The Galerie, what a wild ride it was to be swatching wall colors on a demo site while describing my vision with my vendors in a space without a floor! (shout out to @fieldsinbloomky @claireandbarrett @sweetlilus @simplydoneinvites @simplylovestudio) ❤️

For years, I've always asked anyone I interview three questions - my personal trifecta if you will, so I'll answer those for you today :)

1. Favorite Food - General Tso’s Chicken, j.t.kite makes an awesome g-free version! Tied with Lavender + Lemon wedding cake from Sweet Lilu’s. 🍗🍰🤷🏻‍♀️🤯

2. Favorite Flower - Parrot Tulip.

3.Favorite Film - Bridget Jones’s Diary (I’ve watched it no less than 3,000 times)

See you all on the next post from Behind the Veil!




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