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Quick Notes!

Phone: 859.309.6749


Planning & Hospitality Services are still available for 2024!

The Galerie Events & Hospitality at Wildside Winery 

The perfect pairing. Your favorite faces of
Woodford Weddings are available
at Wildside Winery & Midway Theater. 

Click the button below to reach
 The Galerie Team to
schedule your wedding consultation with our experts!
Not sure where to start?  Helpful info to include!

1. Please let us know if: 
      a. You are interested in planning services!
      b. You would like to schedule a virtual venue consult!
      c. You would like to scheudle a venue/winery tour! 
2. Event Type (wedding, corporate, private event)

3.  # of Guests
4.  Ideal Date or Ideal Season/ Year
Phone:  (859) 309 - 6749 
*Please note our team does not have traditional business hours 
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